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Need Jazzy 8bit

2012-03-09 14:18:55 by Louissi

Sup people! How are you? Yeeeaaaaah! Woohooo!

So here is the deal. I need some good music for mah new game!
Its a very retro game with both shooting and farming/sim.

I was thinking about some good happy jazz and maybe some 8 bit music.

Here are some of the ones I find interesting so far:

I cannot have:
Copyrighted songs
Remixes of Copyrighted songs

So, if you know any good retro music artist or tracks, please tell me :D
I have a small budget also, so if you have made something you could make some money! :D

Need Jazzy 8bit


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2012-03-09 15:15:04

Battletoads Pause Theme


2012-03-09 23:28:30

I can make retro music. Check out some of my tracks. I can create some music especially for your game if you want. Are you splitting revenue with the audio contributors?


2012-03-10 04:54:38

Omg! Sorry this is off-topic but I randomly checked ur post on the FP and you just blew my mind.

I had a similar idea of a farming/sim on a small rotating world and I thought it was something that has never been done before. Although it had colored puzzle fertilizer rather than retro shooting. But it only made it to concept phase and never actually worked more on it. 04db07c97e9c1fcf6c62e3

Sorry again for randomness, but it's just cool how strange ideas can just float around like that. Your screenshot looks amazing though, can't wait to see it finished!


2012-03-10 14:43:26

^^^^^^^^^^ this


2012-03-10 14:43:50

screwed up, delete my comments plz ^_^'


2012-03-25 14:08:07

No! >:C


2012-04-10 20:59:17

I saw you publishing "new world" in

Is it going to be on Newgrounds any time soon?


2012-08-02 18:45:40

What is the name of this game?