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Louissi's News

Posted by Louissi - January 23rd, 2014

Hey everyone!

Finally the exclusivity is lifted and I can post this here.


House of Wolves is a tribute to Real-Time Strategy greats such as Age of Empire and Starcraft you will harvest trees, hunt animals, explore, build and conquer in your quest to seek vengeance on Lord Vilereck for taking control of the crown. Prepare to save princesses, train wizards and even build mighty fortresses to recruit your own legion of knights and lead your massive armies to victory, or die trying…



Posted by Louissi - September 29th, 2013

Hi there.

I am working on a pretty big multiplayer game called Sellsword: Chonicles.
Most of the art is done, but there is still items and such to be drawn.

If you want to see images of the current art, here is a link:

Its a top-down melee combat game. Players will control a warrior and fight in random scenarios, sometimes in teams and sometimes all against each other. The game will probably be published by a third party and will get a relatively good exposure so I guess that's a plus. The game has a character screen where you can see you character in a pose.
My previous artist had to leave the project for personal reasons and there is work to be finished.
The artist will need to be able to adapt to the style already in place and draw icons, armor pieces, weapons and level pieces. You will have to draw a warrior from head to toe in 3 or more different armor sets in realistic proportions.

Preferably someone working full-time, since I want this project to release relatively soon.
I haven't made money with this project and I can't share revenue %. However, I will pay you. If you are interested, contact me here(pm) , on skype (odd1.lsmenard) or on AIM (louissiFlash). I'll get you an estimation of all the assets needed and we'll get things going.

Thank you for your attention :)

Looking for a full time artist

Posted by Louissi - September 25th, 2013

Hey lads!
Sellsword is coming together and I am trying to get more people to play at the same time.
For those who don't know what the game is yet, its a top-down medieval brawler. It's all multiplayer and there is character progression and stuff. I have made many changes since last time and its better now so it's worth a try.

Would you guys want to give it a try?

Ill try to be on it all day:

New version is out! plz Help me test :)

Posted by Louissi - August 26th, 2013

Sellsword is making its way into an early Alpha release!

Sellsword is a top-down medieval combat game.
Its all multiplayer.
Not once will you cross a dumb AI, every encounter is different.

Its very fun :) I hope you will test it out.

The account system is now set-up.
It's super easy to create an account.


Sellsword Alpha

Posted by Louissi - August 1st, 2013

Hi guys!
I have been working on this secret project of mine for two months now and I would like to put it to the test now.
Any feedback is welcome.

The game is playable on my website:

Here is what it looks like:

Please please help me test it :)

Posted by Louissi - February 18th, 2013

Sup all.

For those who don't know, I am making this medieval game. It will be a RTS in the like of age of empire, but with game-play elements from my previous games and all around flash games inspiration. Namely Kingdom Rush, Age of War, Stick War, Army of Ages etc.

If you would like to follow my progress, go to my blog : http://louissi.com
Of course, ill keep posting here but it will be less often.

Here is what I have done since the last update:

Finished hunting
Added tools to manage workers
Added enemy towers
Finished 99% of the AI
Added mouse-over cursors/effect that help you see what you are clicking on
Made the game screen bigger
Finished the art for the buildings
Started the art for the enemies
Started working on building destruction and towers ( mounted units )
Figured out how the story will be told

Down there is a screenshot of the the game so far.
Constructive feedback and suggestions are encouraged :)

Medieval Game update

Posted by Louissi - December 27th, 2012

What up guys! I started a new project and I am pretty excited by it.

I want it to be a strategy / management game with a twist of sandbox.
For now I have worked out the terrain and unit movements.
I can have 150+ units battles with little to no lag.

Ill be posting an update when I get some building and resources gathering done.

In the meantime, check out this screenshot:

New project!

Posted by Louissi - December 19th, 2012

For those who don't like to read:
New content for the game --> HERE

For those who don't play my games ( yet? ), I released this game called Armor Mayhem Chronicles a month ago. Its a arcade platform shooter as the likes of soldat, raze, smileys war and etc. It was a very big project that kinda spinned out of control and took way more time than planned to finish. Fortunately, I was given the chance to release extra content after its release due to the fact that the game is only hosted on armorgames.com ( they paid for the development of the game afterall ). Its easier to update this way :)

Soooo, I released my first two patches recently and I thought some of you might be interested in trying the changes as they adress the most frequent feebacks I had on the game.

Here is the list of what changed:
-Added new weapon shop and inventory system for custom games
-Added 3 new weapons
-Added ragdoll dismemberment
-Added damage zones (head - body - legs)
-Added headshot indicator on kill
-Added knight armor
-Added a new music track
-Made adrenaline last longer
-Made adrenaline effect a bit more powerfull
-Minor optimizations
-Fixed bug where players would die when jumping on top of the map "Probe".
-You no longer have to play an other game after unlocking stuff to have access to it.
-Fixed a bug with the music tracks

Feedback is always welcome! :)
If there was an other patch, what would you like to see? (No multiplayer , nahaa)

Armor Mayhem Chronicles Patch 1.2

Posted by Louissi - September 26th, 2012

New World
For those coming from the last news post, New World is out.
It was a fun project but I feel like its incomplete. Maybe eventually ill make a game that is living up to the expectations I had for the proejct :S. I think its fun though.

In The Dark
I made a small game to make something fresh and short. It actually took me two weeks to make this game.
You can Play it here

Armor Mayhem Chronicles
I have been working on an Armor Mayhem sequel for while now. The game was supposed to be a simple "visually enhanced" version of the first game, but instead I basically re-coded everything. I designed a bipod animation engine from the ground up and coded my own ragdolls. Its hard to tell if the smoothness will be worth the time I put into this but I guess it was fun to make. I also added depth layers to the levels to create a nice 3d effect.

Since the project is taking way longer than planned, we had to cut some things short. I would have liked to include more weapons or game modes. Fortunately, after the release, new content will be released periodically. All of that for free of course.

Here are some things you can check out about Armor Mayhem Chronicles:
Preview Videos
Play Beta

Stay tuned for more updates later! :)

Update about stuff

Posted by Louissi - March 9th, 2012

Sup people! How are you? Yeeeaaaaah! Woohooo!

So here is the deal. I need some good music for mah new game!
Its a very retro game with both shooting and farming/sim.

I was thinking about some good happy jazz and maybe some 8 bit music.

Here are some of the ones I find interesting so far:

I cannot have:
Copyrighted songs
Remixes of Copyrighted songs

So, if you know any good retro music artist or tracks, please tell me :D
I have a small budget also, so if you have made something you could make some money! :D

Need Jazzy 8bit