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Looking for a full time artist

2013-09-29 19:21:53 by Louissi

Hi there.

I am working on a pretty big multiplayer game called Sellsword: Chonicles.
Most of the art is done, but there is still items and such to be drawn.

If you want to see images of the current art, here is a link:

Its a top-down melee combat game. Players will control a warrior and fight in random scenarios, sometimes in teams and sometimes all against each other. The game will probably be published by a third party and will get a relatively good exposure so I guess that's a plus. The game has a character screen where you can see you character in a pose.
My previous artist had to leave the project for personal reasons and there is work to be finished.
The artist will need to be able to adapt to the style already in place and draw icons, armor pieces, weapons and level pieces. You will have to draw a warrior from head to toe in 3 or more different armor sets in realistic proportions.

Preferably someone working full-time, since I want this project to release relatively soon.
I haven't made money with this project and I can't share revenue %. However, I will pay you. If you are interested, contact me here(pm) , on skype (odd1.lsmenard) or on AIM (louissiFlash). I'll get you an estimation of all the assets needed and we'll get things going.

Thank you for your attention :)

Looking for a full time artist


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2013-12-27 13:25:11

That looks promising