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Sellsword Alpha

2013-08-26 21:16:47 by Louissi

Sellsword is making its way into an early Alpha release!

Sellsword is a top-down medieval combat game.
Its all multiplayer.
Not once will you cross a dumb AI, every encounter is different.

Its very fun :) I hope you will test it out.

The account system is now set-up.
It's super easy to create an account.

Sellsword Alpha


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2013-08-26 22:51:45

add AI i hate multiplayer you seem to be making more multiplayer games latley and i would like a basic campain without AI


2013-08-27 21:23:31

Try to play, but didn't connect to the server, it just keep trying to connect and nothing happens :T


2013-08-27 22:01:55

The server isn't even running wth


2013-08-27 23:50:31

What i have to say.... YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!


2013-08-28 00:44:38

But the port dosent work, i know it is pretty new.. Buuttt Fix it .o. , or maybe its only able to run when your on..? i dont know hah


2013-08-28 06:29:19

I'm soo looking forward to this , last night it wouldnt even start.. Today NO server connection :(

fix please :)


2013-08-28 07:49:52

Same here. Server doesn't let me connect. But i will keep an eye on your game.