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Armor Mayhem Chronicles Patch 1.2

2012-12-19 00:42:29 by Louissi

For those who don't like to read:
New content for the game --> HERE

For those who don't play my games ( yet? ), I released this game called Armor Mayhem Chronicles a month ago. Its a arcade platform shooter as the likes of soldat, raze, smileys war and etc. It was a very big project that kinda spinned out of control and took way more time than planned to finish. Fortunately, I was given the chance to release extra content after its release due to the fact that the game is only hosted on ( they paid for the development of the game afterall ). Its easier to update this way :)

Soooo, I released my first two patches recently and I thought some of you might be interested in trying the changes as they adress the most frequent feebacks I had on the game.

Here is the list of what changed:
-Added new weapon shop and inventory system for custom games
-Added 3 new weapons
-Added ragdoll dismemberment
-Added damage zones (head - body - legs)
-Added headshot indicator on kill
-Added knight armor
-Added a new music track
-Made adrenaline last longer
-Made adrenaline effect a bit more powerfull
-Minor optimizations
-Fixed bug where players would die when jumping on top of the map "Probe".
-You no longer have to play an other game after unlocking stuff to have access to it.
-Fixed a bug with the music tracks

Feedback is always welcome! :)
If there was an other patch, what would you like to see? (No multiplayer , nahaa)

Armor Mayhem Chronicles Patch 1.2


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2012-12-19 03:05:49

it's good!

Louissi responds:

Thank you sir


2012-12-19 06:28:34


Louissi responds:

Unfortunately I won't be making a multiplayer for this game in a near future. Maybe in many years who knows.


2012-12-19 13:44:07

Not coming to newgrounds?!

Louissi responds:

Since the game was paid for by armorgames, it will stay exclusive to their website for quite some time.


2012-12-19 17:56:48

is the game the continuation of the last armor mayhem???, will the game be on newgrounds??


Louissi responds:

The game is mostly just gratuitous murder in the same universe as the previous game. There is no story to this one though. Since the game was paid for by armorgames, it will stay exclusive to their website for quite some time.