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New project!

2012-12-27 01:29:25 by Louissi

What up guys! I started a new project and I am pretty excited by it.

I want it to be a strategy / management game with a twist of sandbox.
For now I have worked out the terrain and unit movements.
I can have 150+ units battles with little to no lag.

Ill be posting an update when I get some building and resources gathering done.

In the meantime, check out this screenshot:

New project!


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2012-12-27 05:38:41

Wait, what game?

Louissi responds:

its a new game, I still don't have a name for it


2012-12-27 09:47:51

this looks epic!


2012-12-27 10:44:48

good job lucy


2012-12-27 11:25:51

Great, cant wait to play this. I was looking for something sandbox like Caravaneer, and your game designs are so beatufill, and play a sandbox from you would be nice. A game without ending and the feeling of getting stronger. Good luck on the game.


2012-12-27 15:04:27

This looks great, can't wait to play it


2013-01-02 10:02:22

looks nice


2013-01-27 14:20:58

Awaiting keenly. I'm a big fan of your stuff


2013-02-13 22:53:52

Woot! another cool strategy game to look for! Loved your work so far, so keep it up!