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New version is out! plz Help me test :)

2013-09-25 16:26:05 by Louissi

Hey lads!
Sellsword is coming together and I am trying to get more people to play at the same time.
For those who don't know what the game is yet, its a top-down medieval brawler. It's all multiplayer and there is character progression and stuff. I have made many changes since last time and its better now so it's worth a try.

Would you guys want to give it a try?

Ill try to be on it all day:

New version is out! plz Help me test :)


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2013-09-25 17:00:32

Looks nice! Gonna test it right now


2013-09-25 18:01:17

Well, there is no flash player past 11.2 past Linux. Too bad.


2013-09-25 20:50:18

great gameplay, i really like it
i sugest some things
1.-when switching to knife, make another attack animation,
or make it to attack faster than sword types,
2.-when hitting the enemy against wall, make the weapons doesnt bounce with the wall,
because u cant combo him to the death :c, its little annoying
3.-i noticed that the first attack doesnt hit the enemy
4.- instead of shield attack, use shield to block attacks,
5.-would be great a mage class :d, u know, fire spells or something

thats all, keep going, im looking for this type of games (:


2013-09-25 23:19:49

Coming along very nicly i invited some friends and we played a bit. enjoyable and definitely headed in the right direction.


2013-09-25 23:36:46

After playing:
A good concept, like I told you in-game, it would be nice to have different gamemodes
Here are some ideas:
Defend the princess: Two teams, one defends the princess, the other one atacks/captures
Add long range weapons
Maybe classes?
This is going on the right way, I wish you best of luck!


2013-09-26 00:44:00

Consider a guest account feature? I don't know where you're planning to release this (flash portals, I assume?) but I think lots of people are hesitant to sign up for something they can't at least try first.


2013-09-26 01:08:36

Is this alpha available outside USA? Cause I can't connect, no matter how long I wait. I tried to join in an earlier aplha, but the same thing happened.


2013-10-06 06:24:52

doesnt connect plz fix