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Medieval Game update

2013-02-18 15:01:57 by Louissi

Sup all.

For those who don't know, I am making this medieval game. It will be a RTS in the like of age of empire, but with game-play elements from my previous games and all around flash games inspiration. Namely Kingdom Rush, Age of War, Stick War, Army of Ages etc.

If you would like to follow my progress, go to my blog :
Of course, ill keep posting here but it will be less often.

Here is what I have done since the last update:

Finished hunting
Added tools to manage workers
Added enemy towers
Finished 99% of the AI
Added mouse-over cursors/effect that help you see what you are clicking on
Made the game screen bigger
Finished the art for the buildings
Started the art for the enemies
Started working on building destruction and towers ( mounted units )
Figured out how the story will be told

Down there is a screenshot of the the game so far.
Constructive feedback and suggestions are encouraged :)

Medieval Game update


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2013-02-18 15:18:57

Go man go!


2013-02-18 23:36:14

man go go!


2013-02-19 00:33:28

Go go man!


2013-02-19 04:09:10

lookin' pretty pimpin, i am especially liking the "orders" menu there, and the background. also the animals are cool!


2013-02-19 04:39:09

looks awesome bro i am a massive ass fan of your games


2013-02-19 06:51:14

exactly the kind of game i wanted to see


2013-02-19 11:40:16

So you need to do 1% of the AI?


2013-02-19 11:40:37

So you need to do 1% of the AI?


2013-03-13 23:05:12

YAY i cnt wait!


2013-05-11 04:46:07

Everything is great but, one thing that get very annoying is the same voice over and over maybe getting new line would be better.
Also Crossbow unit would be great and units promotion !