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Sellsword Multiplayer Alpha

2013-08-01 21:16:00 by Louissi

Hi guys!
I have been working on this secret project of mine for two months now and I would like to put it to the test now.
Any feedback is welcome.

The game is playable on my website:

Here is what it looks like:

Please please help me test it :)


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2013-08-01 23:11:45

Looks somewhat interesting, needs people on for me to try it though...

(Updated ) Louissi responds:

I generally announce the tests on my twitter.


2013-08-02 09:45:28

I'd be happy to test out too


2013-08-02 15:21:38

Fun little game needs some balancing. also there was a hacker.


2013-08-02 15:23:15

Yeah now i can't enter the game at all.

you plan to add others classes and weapons?


2013-08-03 03:35:18

i played it once and now i cant enter the game but while i played it it felt smooth
and sorta like a top down chivalry type game


2013-08-05 04:19:36

also for some reason everytime i move it goes to the top left of the map


2013-08-27 15:29:32

It actually looks fun, though I tried playing last night, and there was virtually no traffic at all.
I'm trying to play again but the server won't launch up :P

I think you should add a single player mode where you fight bots, you know, when the game does become a ghost town.

The only time I was actually able to play was 1 on 1 with some random guy who joined my game. I was doing something else when all of a sudden I heard sword sounds and a "URRGGHHH" lol.