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I am still alive

2008-09-20 15:13:28 by Louissi

Just to say I am still alive. Age of war 2 is now on HOLD. School is taking way too much time, and since my future is depending on how well I do, I have to go all out on it. Here are some pics to show you what I am doing right now:

I wont respond to any PM asking about age of war 2

I am still alive

Major problem, need help

2008-08-05 23:35:45 by Louissi

Hey guys! I am making a big big big game, and I came across a huge problem. My game has over 60 unique units, which mean that the library of my .fla file is REALLY huge. Flash just can't handle it anymore, and crashes every 5 min. I can't optimize it(already did) and I can't cut through the content.

I think I found a solution: I will load my units from external .swf. Sooo, the thing is, I want to load these swf only once, at the start of the game. Here is how it goes:

I divided my units in many packets, and set every unit to be "exported for Actionscript" in the library.
This way, ill load the .swf and its library at the beginning of the game and I will be able to attach the units MC over runtime.


First, I tried to load the .swf on the main stage (_root). It completely replaced the whole stage.
So I decided to upload it in an empty MovieClip. It works!

My problem is, when I try to attach a movieclip it is only working if I attach it in the loaded Movie Clip.

lets say I uploaded the swf in a MovieClip named _root.dynamic_unit1.
If I want to get my unit from the swf's library, i have to do the following:
_root.dynamic_unit1.attachMovie("unit1 ","new_unit",1); (which is working)
_root.attachMovie("unit1","new_unit",1 ) (THIS IS NOT WORKING);

So the big problem is that I have to get that MovieClip from the library in an other MovieClip in my game.


Any genius could help me?

Age of War 2 status

2008-07-07 22:49:13 by Louissi

Hey! I though I would give a little status update on the game. The coding itself is 70% done. After that, I need to add the FREAKING HUGE content, test it, test it again, and finally, test it. Then, ill have to make sure everything is balanced. The art is about 40% done, but it will move faster when I will start getting on it.

The multiplayer is coming great. I had some bandwidth optimization issues, which will force me to remove the health information on the units in the multiplayer mode, since I only send unit death and not damage. A account system will keep track of your stats and you will be able to store some XP points that will help you unlock special content such as Avatars. You will still be able to play as a guest and jump online in no time.

My predictions are two more months. It could take a little longer. I won't rush this game since it is a dream came true. Everything has to be perfect and top-notch. There is gonna be so much content it will entertain you for hours.

As usual: for updates on the game.
(I will soon post a gameplay video)

Age of War 2 preview

2008-06-04 03:17:40 by Louissi /

There is not a lot of things, but I will add content every single day! At least a sketch.

Age of War 2

2008-04-30 18:33:24 by Louissi

Hey everyone! Just to tell I am still alive. I went trough many things (both school and personal life) so I was unable to make any flash. But its nearly over now! In a month I will start working on Age of war 2 and its gonna be awsome. More ages, more units, more features and... MULTIPLAYER! Its gonna rock! The production time should be around 1 month, since I am hiring some artists and friends from my school program (2d and 3d animation). Sooo, stay tuned!

I won the contest!

2008-01-03 00:25:14 by Louissi

Yeah! Age of War finally made it to the top of the MaxGames contest! The hard work paid off :P 1st place woohoo! Congrats to the other contestants, especially gangsta bean. I was afraid to get beaten by this game pfiouuu. Nice job everyone.
You can see the rankings at
Thanks to MaxGames for the great contest. Visit them! Its an order!

On another note, I started a rpg. The story will be nice and the game will rock! Ill post some images maybe this week on my website.


2007-11-08 10:01:30 by Louissi

My account has been hacked the last 48 hours, sorry for anything I might have done offending.

Thats it :P

New game to come

2007-10-28 18:27:11 by Louissi

Interesting? I think its the most artistic game I made. Haha.

New game to come

My new game is here

2007-09-30 23:40:48 by Louissi

this is my new game... It went kinda unnoticed, so please, go take a look :D

Smileys War soon!

2007-07-23 12:45:36 by Louissi

Six months... six months of work on a freaking flash game. Sure i had school and a new girlfriend, but six months is a lot. This game is gonna be really good, believe me.

This game is a platform shooter. You Are a smiley, and you have to pwn other smileys usign a nice variety of guns. There will be 11 challenges, more than 10 maps, more than 300 combinations of outfits for your smiley. Save/Load game features, a map editor, and some really cool musics :P.

I really hope you guys will love this game and rate 5 on it, I think I worked hard enough to get it ;).

Smileys War soon!