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Age of war 2 dev

2009-05-20 15:53:59 by Louissi

I just wanted to say that age of war 2 is back in developpement. I don't know when its gonna come out, but I can say in about 2-3 months.

Please stop sending me PMs about it.

Free flash uploader

2009-04-22 18:39:48 by Louissi

Hey guys! I made a free flash uploader you guys can use to test and share your projects. Its still in beta phase, but I think its working pretty well. Its really simple and there is not all that community stuff from

Interactive Pixels Office space

2009-04-20 12:18:49 by Louissi

Since Hero Interactive posted some pictures of a new office, I thought I should do the same. Ill start working there in the next month. I only have to move in now :P Note that all these boxes will be out next month. Since it has a really high roof and a big window, I included myself as a reference of the real size of the room. Its about 470 square feet. :D

Oh yeah, and by the way, Age of War 2 development will resume in june, and the game should be out before october 2009.

Interactive Pixels Office space

Need a music artist

2009-02-04 12:20:55 by Louissi

Hey! As some of you know, I am making a 45 seconds 3D movie. This movie is the final project of my 3d animation course.

I need help on the music side of the movie. I know newgrouds has a lot of really great song artists. So Here is the layout of my animation. Its NOT FINAL. This video is only to establish the plot and the timing of the movie.

The song artist will get credits. This movie could be showed in many festivals and WILL be seen by many employers from the 3d/gaming society. PM me if you are interested.

You have to be good at making music, if I don't like your songs on newgrounds I won't accept.
The music as to be copyright free. You will have to sign a release of the rights.
Your name will appear at the end of the movie in the credits.

Due date: in a month.

Here is the website of our department:

And here is my animation layout:

/* */
The music in this video is only to set the ambiance. It won't be used.

Small game on the way

2009-01-21 20:26:37 by Louissi

Hey! Just wanted to say that I am making a small game to do something a little different than age of war 2. Don't worry, ill still release age of war 2 someday.

Here is a screenshoot. its still really early in dev.

A little more about the gameplay:

You are alone on a distant planet. Your ship crashed nearby, spreading your stock all around the area. You just managed to crawl in an old outpost, probably left there from a previous attemp to conquer the planet. You passed out just before the night. When you wake up, you realize that the outpost is weak, but still operationnal. A sand storm hid your stock but you can find it back to help your survival. How many days can you last?

Every day, the giant bugs-like aliens hide undergroud and sleep because of the heat. Its your chance to explore and recover some equipement to repair and upgrade your base. Your steps will awake some aliens so you will have to fight.

When the night comes, you will have to be near your base, on concrete ground. If you are too far away, you will be sucked in the ground by insects and die. Its better to be inside the outpost, since the big door will shut and the base will defend itself (you can upgrade your base with ressources found during the day)

Real-time game (the clock will never stop and you can't pause the game)
Upgradable outpost
Upgradable character
18 different items you can collect and use to build your outpost.

Every day, aliens get stronger and their numbers grow. How many days can you last before you die?

Small game on the way

What the hell?

2008-12-27 19:34:08 by Louissi

I know you guys can't wait for age of war 2 but you will have to. I like the fact that you guys really like my games, but some assholes dont know how to express their feelings and are hate-mailing me. So here are some infos for the real fans:

It has been a couple of months since the start of the developement of age of war 2. The game IS HUUUGE and really boring to deal with (yeah, BORING AND HARD). So yeah, with all that has been going on in my life (3 g-f, a crazy school program, sports) I rarely even had time for myself.

I had to take a pause in flash game developement. Now I have a month of vacation in wich I will:

-work on things for school
-work on Age of War 2
-work on a small game (secret)

I already recoded the AI that was crappy and now I have to deal with all the data like how much a unit will cost and etc. Its not ready to be released the next 5 months.

Story part 3

2008-11-14 14:12:51 by Louissi

I got pretty much my story planned. I won't say much, but Ill layout the animation in a small 45 seconds flash animation, so ill probably put a link here in less than a week. Stay tuned and thanks everybody!

Story - part 2

2008-11-12 08:27:28 by Louissi

Thanks alot for the ideas, keep them coming (see the last post if you don't know what I am talking about). There are some nice stories out there, but you guys have to consider the fact that I can't make any other changes in the characters or the temple.

I have the interior of a temple, so dont ask me to create a jungle, that would take months in 3d.
The other thing is that there is only 45 seconds. I like the idea of a bounty hunter, but I would like to make it so the viewer doesn't know that the girl is hunting the spider.

Need ideas!

2008-11-11 15:30:00 by Louissi

I am making a 3d movie at my school and I have to come up with a good scenario. The thing is, I suck at storymaking. So here are the elements I HAVE to put in the movie:

Scenery: An old temple, in the jungle
- A girl, with a future look. She is an explorator/solider
- Some monster, spider looking (see the image)

I need ideas for a 45 seconds scenario. Can be comic, tragic, action, whatever!

Need ideas!

Age of War 2 sneek peek

2008-10-26 20:23:45 by Louissi

Hey everyone! I uploaded the first age from age of war 2 on my blog, so you guys can mess with it a bit while waiting for the real release. Its not even complete, but I think its fun. See it at (my blog)

EDIT: I had to take the demo down, sponsor problems.