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New age intergrated

2009-11-05 22:43:04 by Louissi

New age/people: egyptians!

it's awesome!

Next: Medieval

New age intergrated


2009-10-25 20:45:41 by Louissi

Finished intergrating the art for sparta age today. Next age is egyptians :P


Age of War update

2009-10-16 10:32:54 by Louissi

Here is an update for the people constantly asking me when Age of War 2 is coming out.

Age of War 2 is at the moment being remade in AS3, which will mean: better programming, better framerate, more fun.

The most of the game mechanics are done. The only thing left is the specials and the AI. Then ill expand the game to add all the ages. After that, ill be making the menus.

My personal goal is to release the game for Christmas. BUT IT MIGHT NOT MAKE IT. Seriously, ill never quit the project, but its getting really boring to work on the game because its the 3rd time I recode it. Talk about a nightmare! Ill lose alot of money in the process because I got sponsored in advance for the product, and I still haven't released it yet.

I hope you guys will like the game, since its one of the most stressing shit in my life right now.

Beta again

2009-10-14 14:58:39 by Louissi

this time, its big :P
should not crash
Please give feedback :P

Catch me if you can

2009-10-06 17:50:40 by Louissi

Hey guys!
Its time for beta test!
Plz report bugs here.
Include your ping (the red number on the top) and DETAILS!!

Enjoy it.

PS: the game is limited to 20 users for now.


Sorry, the server is down right now. A bug is crashing the game, but I have trouble finding it. More news on that later.

the server is up again, can you break it? PLZ CLEAN YOUR CACHE! The previous client is buggy.

Beta soon

2009-10-02 13:07:11 by Louissi

This Tuesday the 6 october, ill post a link here to a beta game I have been working on at work. (

The game is a multiplayer game, so we need to test the server on a small scale before releasing it to the public. The game is called "Catch me if you can". Its a medieval remake of Pacman. The ghosts are replaced by guards, and the pacman is a thief. Every character can be played. The goal is to collect as much money as possible while being a thief. To become the thief, you have to catch him. Every player will have a special ability. You can choose from 3 different guards, each with their respective ability.

The game will be release with 3 tile sets, and 6 different maps.

A premium version (you have to pay a small fee) will be released with a lobby (choose your game and chat), map editor, bigger maps, and new tile sets.

The goal of the beta is to determine the performance of the server. We are limited to 20 users playing at the same time.

The graphics of this game are reaaally nice. I hope to see you online next week.

How my god shut up about age of war 2. I have a job, I have to work on other games so stop asking. I am still working on age of war 2 but OUTSIDE of work. Is it that hard to understand?


2009-09-14 08:16:08 by Louissi

Here is an update to let you guys know what is going on with age of war 2

I am currently working 1-2 days a week to finish the game. I would put more time, but I have a full time job and a girlfriend I want to take care of (sometimes I fail at that :( ).

Naway, here is what is done:

First of all, since I am now working in AS3, I had to find a way to work with multiple .swf. DONE!
I also made a framwork that deals with animations , screens, buttons, and rendering.
Since I want my game to be able to run at a framerate from 20 to 200, I had to make an animation manager that would keep my anims at the same speed even if the framerate is changing. That is DONE! :P

Most of the art is done too.

The game important values (like units name, damage, upgrades, etc) are in a xml, so its gonna be easy to balance the game when its done.

The units part of the hud is done, I copied the way the iphone game "the wars" dealed with the queue. (they copied my game so why not).

I am now concentrating my efforts on the unit object itself. The animations are played at the right moment. I created a sweet system of projectiles.

Next time I work on age of war 2, ill finish the projectiles (collision detection) and start working on the damage bonus related to units.

AS3 is really different, harder, and you have to write more code.
But when the code is working, its working really fucking great :P

Oh yeah, a little side note: The game didn't take 2 years to make, I just had to re-do it 3 times because of technical limitations of flash (mostly AS2). Since I was coding and had all the visual assets in the same flash document, it was laggy. Now I can work on as many files as I want. All that to say: please don't put your expectations too high. Its definitely going to be better than the first game, but its not gonna be revolutionary.

(right now the game is running at 100 fps :P)


2009-09-08 10:48:22 by Louissi

Hey! I created a twitter account where ill be posting dev status and other things about my flash games dev and etc. The username is louissi. Follow me if you want.

The Iphone App

2009-08-31 19:30:55 by Louissi

I just wanted to say that I am not the author of the iPhone/iPod game "The Wars", which is a total copy of the awsome first age of war game. So don't ask me anything about it.

I know!

2009-08-07 15:20:08 by Louissi

Age of war 2 is still in dev, but Reeeaaaaally slow dev.

The thing is, I just moved in an apartment with my girlfriend. I also got a new job, a full-time job. So my free time is very limited.

The good news is that I am working in a flash games company.

I am now coding a really cool multiplayer game that will come out in about a month. Ill keep you guys in touch. Its a mix of castle crashers and pacman.