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New game released!

2010-02-01 09:43:10 by Louissi

New Game

Its called space attack. Its a mix of puzzle game and strategy game. It was done pretty fast so don't expect a crazy game. It will be released on newgrounds as soon as the highscores system is fixed.

New Game this week

2010-01-25 18:23:26 by Louissi

Ill be releasing a new game this week. Ill post the link here when its online :D

The tetris master

2010-01-22 09:37:53 by Louissi

Some of my friends went to a conference, and freaking shook the hand with the inventor of tetris!!! Isn't that awesome? The guy is a legend. I wish I was there.

New Games!

2010-01-19 13:34:11 by Louissi

Here is the latest thing I worked on at Odd1 before starting to work for armorgames.

Its a pac-man like game, but with a nice twist! You play as a thief and you avoid guards. When you get caught, you become a guard and you have to catch the thief.

There are some nice features, like a worldwide gold chest that will unlock new features when full.

The game is only 1.99$, but you can also try the free trial version and collect some gold.
I did the game design and a co-worker completed it with style (good job by the way).

Get the game here

The trial here

I am also working on a new game called Space Attack. It will mix a strategy/defense game and a puzzle game. I hope it will work well.

New Games!

3D movie

2010-01-18 12:02:55 by Louissi

Hey, I just realised I spoke alot about my school and the 3d movie I had to make to graduate, but I never posted it here.

Here is the short movie I made :

It took me 8 months to complete this movie. It was a big pain in the ass but I am glad I made it. I learned so many things!

New game coming

2010-01-14 09:27:04 by Louissi

I am currently working on a new secret project. Its gonna be a lot shorter than age of war 2, so expect it to be out in some weeks. More news soon.

The game is out

2010-01-08 16:17:01 by Louissi


Rate 10 if you like it :P


2010-01-05 14:48:52 by Louissi

Hey guys. Today we have two subjects:

New job!

I am now working as a full-time dev for ArmorGames. That means I get to choose what games I want to make, work 40hrs a week and get paid for it :P Isn't that awesome?

Age of War 2 is done!

Age of war 2 is finished. It will be an exclusive on maxgames website soon for a month or two. You can see the countdown on their website. Some of you want the game right now, but you will have to wait. MaxGames is waiting for the web to come back to life after the holydays so the game will have as much hipe as possible. So don't be childish and wait patiently.

I worked almost a year and a half on this game (restarted 3 times... long story) but I finally made it!

Looking for an artist

2009-12-21 14:14:39 by Louissi

EDIT: I found my artist. The position is no longuer open.

Hey! I am looking for an artist to design some small icons for age of war 2:

The job is paid 200$ and need to be done FAST.
Image format: .jpg
The icons have to be ORIGINAL and NOT taken from any other game.

40x40 pixels:
Special 1: Meteorites Rain
Special 2: Thunder storm
Special 3: Fire balls rain
Special 4: Arrows rain
Special 5: Cannon balls rain
Special 6: Bombardment (a plane comes and drop bombs)
Special 7: Satellite attack (big blue lazer from space)
Evolve Icon

22x22 upgrades icons:
Increase Income
Support Unit Damage (normally ranged units)
Support Unit Range
Infantry Unit Damage (normally normal/melee units)
Infantry Unit Armor
Anti-Armor Unit Damage (normally somewhat special unit)
Anti-Armor Unit Armor
Armored Unit Damage (heavy units, such as tank)
Armored Unit Armor
Turrets damage
Turrets range

Please use a color for the pairs of icons (ex: all infantry icons could be red)

So, a total of 19 icons.

I can provide screenshots of the game and the hud as reference.
I need these icons by tomorrow night.

The artist will be paid 200$ January the 4th or before (not after)

If you want the job send me a pm, you will have to provide proof that you are a good artist.

These are the current icons. I like them, but they are from Guild Wars so I can't use them.

Looking for an artist

Release Date

2009-12-08 15:55:00 by Louissi

Hey! Age of war 2 will be released BEFORE January 4th. If you want more news about the game, visit my blog at