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2012-09-26 15:04:07 by Louissi

New World
For those coming from the last news post, New World is out.
It was a fun project but I feel like its incomplete. Maybe eventually ill make a game that is living up to the expectations I had for the proejct :S. I think its fun though.

In The Dark
I made a small game to make something fresh and short. It actually took me two weeks to make this game.
You can Play it here

Armor Mayhem Chronicles
I have been working on an Armor Mayhem sequel for while now. The game was supposed to be a simple "visually enhanced" version of the first game, but instead I basically re-coded everything. I designed a bipod animation engine from the ground up and coded my own ragdolls. Its hard to tell if the smoothness will be worth the time I put into this but I guess it was fun to make. I also added depth layers to the levels to create a nice 3d effect.

Since the project is taking way longer than planned, we had to cut some things short. I would have liked to include more weapons or game modes. Fortunately, after the release, new content will be released periodically. All of that for free of course.

Here are some things you can check out about Armor Mayhem Chronicles:
Preview Videos
Play Beta

Stay tuned for more updates later! :)

Update about stuff


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2012-09-26 15:06:08

Also, if you would like to suggest some music here on the Audio Portal I am looking for suggestions :)


2012-09-27 01:06:04

Heh,looks like Raze 3 will have a worthy challenger.

Looking forward to this!

Louissi responds:

Thanks! Ill post more stuff about it soon :)


2012-09-27 13:14:00



2012-10-30 19:29:25

someone is giving raze a fair figth for 1st place i see, looks pretty nice, looking foward to it


2012-11-22 21:23:48

Could you make a soundtrack, specify the game music (sorry for grammar errors) or put it here??